Turtle Races probably seem sort of strange, but it has been a part of our community for 37 years now! It is just second nature to us. The family-friendly event attracts thousands of racers from all over the world each summer. It is definitely not something that you'll want to miss! 
While it has become second nature to us, we're sure that you have some questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked ones to get you started. If you have more, feel free to give us a call at 218.346.7710.
Frequently Asked Questions: 
  • How do the turtle races work? The racers will gather in the center circle and release their turtles when the whistle blows. We'll all watch while the turtle make their way to the outer circle. The first turtle to the outside ring wins! Then we'll gather all of the heat winners to race again until we have the top three places. 
  • How old (or young) do you have to be to participate? Anyone can race as long as they can get to the center of the track! We encourage racers of all ages, and we have volunteers available to help if you are unable (or too scared) to hold onto the turtles. 
  • How much does it cost? We ask for a $1 donation per racer. The proceeds are used to take care of the turtles over the summer. 
  • What time do the races start? Registration begins at 10am. The races will start at 10:30pm. 
  • Where are the races held? They are held in the City Hall Park, which is right on Main Street next to the Perham Area Chamber.
  • Are turtles provided? Yes, we have turtles available for use. A family takes care of them all summer and brings them to town for us each week.
  • Can I bring my own turtle? Absolutely! If you have been training a turtle for the races, we'd love to see what he or she can do. Just bring your turtle in a bucket so it doesn't get away from you!
  • How long do the races take? Each individual race takes a few minutes. Depending on how many people we have, the races can last an hour to two hours.
  • Why are they called the International Turtle Races? Well, we race turtles so that one is a given. We call it International because we have people from all over the world that join us to race turtles. 

Photos of Weekly Winners

Week Seven: July 15th

Week Six: July 8th

Week Five: July 1st

Week Four: June 24th

Week Three: June 17th

Week Two: June 10th

        From L to R: 1st Place - Rorey Prazak from North Springs, Iowa | 3rd Place - Garrett Sumner from Grinnell, Iowa               2nd Place - Aiden Crenshaw from Buffalo, MN

Week One: June 3rd

From L to R: Miss Perham Hailey Jutz | 2nd Place - Gage Germolus from Perham, MN | 3rd Place - Chloe Koljonen from New York Mills, MN | 1st Place - Lola Pulver from Perham, MN | Miss Perham Outstanding Teen Annika Kovar