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1107 7th Ave NE, Perham, MN, USA

Let’s be honest. Being a wife is hard. Being a mom is hard.  

Being a HUMAN BEING can be freaking hard.

But God didn’t promise us an “easy” life. He did promise us that we would never be alone and that he would work all things out for good.

Yet still…our human brains continue to offer us all the “shoulds”. 

>> You think you should have this mom thing figured out by now. 

>> You think you should be able to “do it all” around the house and keep it all together and that you should be healthier, skinner, more successful and more fulfilled.

>> You think you shouldn’t have so much debt, shouldn’t struggle with your emotions so much 

….and that you should just be happy, calm and loving all the time.

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107 West Main Street, Perham, MN, USA

Wellness / Yoga / Outdoors / Retreats / Nature / Fitness

Options: Walk in, Virtual Yoga Classes + Workshops

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The Holistic Maternal is a unique business in the Perham area.  Celeste is a Physical Therapist extensively trained by John Barnes in Myofascial Release.  This is a whole body approach to wellness that focuses on finding the places your body is restricted and releasing those restrictions for optimal health.

Celeste has a passion for all things maternal.  She does maternal coaching, classes and loves treating mom and baby through all stages.

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