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5-24-24 Project Update

Rain, rain, go away… Although work has progressed on Main Street over the course of the past week, the
rain has impacted some of the activities that were planned to be completed. Early this week, Knife Lake
Concrete worked on the installation of sidewalk on the easterly portion of Phase 1 (Third to Fifth Avenue)
and touched up the missing sections of concrete in areas that were not completed last week. Ottertail
Aggregate hauled in the last of the aggregate base in the phase and has worked on shaping and compacting
the roadbed throughout the week. On Thursday, Parsons Electric started laying the conduits for the new
lighting on the east side of Phase 1 and will continue into early next week.
On Phase 2, R.L. Larson continued the underground utility replacement with watermain connections to the
Emergency Services Building and the installation of a new hydrant. Storm sewer was also installed in the
phase, with one storm sewer inlet remaining that will be completed with the work on Phase 3.
On Wednesday, the detour for Phase 3 was implemented, with a closure of Main Street from Phase 2 to the
intersection of County Highways 34 and 51. Following the placement of the detour, Ottertail Aggregate
started removals at the intersection of Seventh Avenue West and will continue throughout the day today
toward the western end of the phase. The pavement, curb and gutter has been left in place between Sixth
and Seventh Avenue, as no utility replacement will occur on that block. The intention is to leave the
surface on the block until the new roadway preparation is scheduled.
On Thursday and today, R.L. Larson is working on connections for various properties in Phase 3 into the
temporary water system. The underground utility improvements on Phase 3 will consist primarily of
watermain replacement and the temporary water system will provide water to the buildings along the
phase during the replacement.
With the rain today, the scheduled paving of Phase 1 has been delayed into next week. Central Specialties
is planning to pave the first phase of the project on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, weather
dependent. Other contractors will be completing work on the Phase throughout the week, with the
electrical conduits, irrigation, and other items behind the curb being completed.
Knife Lake Concrete will be back in town mid-week to begin the construction of the sidewalk on Phase 1.
The sidewalk will be completed in various sections to allow for a colored portion of walk to guide
pedestrian access. The first concrete sidewalk that will be poured next week will be the “ribbon” sidewalk.
This sidewalk is the narrowest section of the walk closest to the building and varies in width (six inches to
nearly two feet) based on the distance from the buildings to the curb. Businesses will be notified the day
prior to the pouring of the ribbon walk, to prepare for alternative access.
2024 Main Street Project Update
Main Street, Second Avenue Northeast, and Seventh Avenue Southeast
With utilities completed in Phase 2, Ottertail Aggregate will begin the excavation of the existing material on
the roadway to prepare for the installation of the aggregate base. R.L. Larson will continue with the
underground utility replacement on Phase 3 and will begin with the watermain work near the intersection
of Seventh Avenue and will be working west with the replacement. A minor shut down of neighboring
blocks will be communicated early in the week to allow for the installation of valves at the connection point
near Seventh Avenue.

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