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Chamber Choice Awards

Chamber Choice Awards

2024 Chamber Award Winners Press Release

We love recognizing people for their hard work. That’s why we created the Chamber Choice Awards Banquet. Each year, the Perham Area Chamber of Commerce holds a banquet to recognize businesses and individuals who have been exceptional in and for our community.

Cost is $30, and includes a sit-down dinner. You can reserve and purchase your tickets here.

If you do not wish to attend the dinner, the doors will be opened at approximately 7:15pm for free admission after the meal.

This award is given to someone who has done an especially good job in leading the community on a project or an important issue. These nominees tend to be involved in organizations that help people or help in community projects, and they are highly generous with their leadership skills.

This award is given to someone who deserves to be recognized for his or her work for the community over time. This person would be considered an integral part of the community and highly involved in making Perham a better community. These nominees might have been in business or a service sector in the community, working or retired, living or deceased or even former residents.

Just as the award states, this person gives of her or his time to volunteer to help others. Let’s recognize our volunteers.

This award is given to an individual or organization who is devoted to improving the physical and/or emotional welfare of those in our community.

This award is given to a business or organization that continues to strive to remain competitive and innovative.

This award will go to a business or organization that consistently exhibits outstanding customer service, support, and community spirit.

Past Recipients

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