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5-31-24 Project Update

A shortened week with the holiday and the rains have slowed some of the improvements on Main Street, but the number of crews working in town has allowed the project to progress. Over the course of the week, R.L. Larson, Ottertail Aggregate, Parsons Electric, Aqua Lawn, Central Specialties, and Knife Lake Concrete have all been working on the project.
On Phase 1, the irrigation system was installed on Tuesday, and Parsons Electric has continued to work on the installation of electrical conduits and lighting behind the curb throughout the week, pouring light bases between Second and Third Avenue East throughout the week. Central Specialties paved the first course of bituminous pavement on Tuesday and shifted to the second two-inch course on Wednesday. On Thursday morning, they paved the intersections of the remaining blocks to connect the Avenues to the new pavement on Main Street. Knife Lake Concrete poured sidewalks on the north side of town in the new Prairie’s Edge addition early in the week, with sections of sidewalk on Main Street late this week.
On Phase 2, Ottertail Aggregate excavated the roadway base in preparation for aggregate placement.
Aggregate placement has been focused on the intersections of Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Avenue. On Phase 3, R.L. Larson has been replacing watermain from Seventh Avenue West to County Highway 34.
Next week, work will be occurring on Phases 1, 2 and 3. On Phase 1, the installation of light bases and
electrical conduit will continue, with the work primarily focused on the block of Main Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue East. Following the installation of the light bases, Knife Lake will continue pouring the concrete walk on sections that have all electrical items complete. Various businesses will be
notified of the schedule as it progresses and asked to use back entrances during the construction of the
sidewalk in front of their doors. Phase 2, Ottertail Aggregate will continue placing the aggregate for the roadway base between Fourth and Sixth Avenue West. Lastly, on Phase 3, R.L. Larson will be working on the watermain replacement early next week, with service connections scheduled throughout the week.
Following the watermain replacement, R.L. Larson will shift to Storm Sewer replacement throughout Phase

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