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6-7-24 Project Update

With three phases of construction underway, activities are occurring on all ends of Main Street. On the
west end of Main Street, R.L. Larson is nearing completion on the watermain replacement from Seventh
Avenue to the intersection of County Highways 34 and 51. Early this week, they made a tie-in to the
existing watermain beneath the intersection to connect to the watermain that runs beneath the railroad
tracks at the intersection. Following the connection, they have shifted back to service line replacement
from the new watermain to the existing buildings along the Phase.
In addition to the replacement of the watermain and services, R.L. Larson has installed various storm sewer
inlets and piping at Sixth Avenue West in advance of the placement of Aggregate Base for the new
roadway. Ottertail Aggregate installed the majority of the aggregate in Phase 2, from Fourth to Sixth
Avenue West early in the week and will be back next week to continue preparing the roadway for surface
On Phase 1, Parsons Electric installed the last of the light bases behind the curb early in the week, and Knife
Lake Concrete has been in town throughout the week constructing the new sidewalks throughout the
phase. Various pours of concrete have occurred throughout the week, with the ribbon sidewalk next to the
building and boulevard sidewalk next to the curb being poured at one time, and the colored center sections
poured at a different time. Knife Lake should be finishing with the sidewalk today, with minor touch up
scheduled for next week.
Next week, work will continue on Phases 1, 2 and 3. On Phase 1, the last of the concrete, along with
boulevard shaping east of Third Avenue will be completed early in the week. Tentatively, the plan is to
remove the detour either late Tuesday or early Wednesday and re-direct traffic on the new roadway prior
to Turtlefest. The installation of vegetation, including trees, ornamental grasses and lights will be
completed at a later date, but the roadway will be open for traffic and parking by mid-week. With the gap
in improvement timing between Phases 1 and 4, the east side of the intersection of First and Main, along
with other intersections in the first phase, will have temporary surfaces to allow for the connection of
phases for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The bumps and other transitions through phases will be
addressed when later phases are constructed.
On Phase 2, aggregate touch up and fine grading will occur, along with the removals of the existing surface
on the block between Sixth and Seventh Avenue. On Phase 3, the last of the utilities will be installed, and
subgrade preparation will begin in advance of aggregate installation. Aggregate installation will be
occurring throughout the week on Phases 2 and 3, in advance of concrete curb placement, tentatively
scheduled for the week of June 17th

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