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7-3-24 Project Update

With the shortened work week, construction has been limited to a few of the subcontractors on the
project. On Monday morning, Central Specialties began the construction of the first course of bituminous
pavement on Phases 2 & 3. The two-inch course of pavement was constructed over the course of Monday
and Tuesday morning along with connections to the connecting avenues. The second inch and a half
course of pavement was started late in the day, with the southern lane being the first constructed. Central
Specialties had to leave the project area this morning to pave at the current Trunk Highway 10 and County
60 project for the Minnesota Department of Transportation.
Later today, some of the barricades on Main Street near the intersection of Fourth Avenue West and
County 34/51 will be slid to the side of the roadway to allow for traffic to utilize the street over the long
weekend. Detours will remain up along Second Street South so the barricades can be shifted back on
Monday morning. When utilizing the roadway, please remember that it is an area still under construction,
so bumps and other areas can be expected when driving through the phases.
Next week, Central Specialties will return to the project to finish paving of the second course on Main
Street in Phases 2 and 3. The work is anticipated to be completed early in the week.
Also, next week, Knife Lake Concrete is scheduled to be back on Wednesday to complete the remaining
concrete on Phases 2 and 3 including the construction of driveways and sidewalks on the westerly portion
of the project.

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